Character Interviews – The Warrior Series

Candy:  Hi and welcome to our Warrior Series interview!  It will be so exciting to get started and see everyone again.  Since closing the pages of the last book, I’ve been in a book hangover.  What about you guys?  I can’t wait to hear from Chad.  He’s so dreamy.


This pic reminds me of when Rachel and Chad set out in his truck to go look for Liberty.

Rebecca Royce:  Hi everyone.  Love that photo.  Just let me know which person you want to speak to and I’ll get them for you.

Candy:  First of all, Rebecca, I’d like thank you for allowing us this opportunity to talk with you and the characters.

For Rachel, even though you’ve been trained for many years, how did you wrap your mind around actually going out and killing beings who used to be human?

Rachel:  You know when I think back to that time, to the beginning, what I remember is how surreal the whole thing was.  I’d always trained for it, but everything went wrong.  Going alone…I think the abrupt nature of
what happened.  And Keith –wow I still can’t think of him without pain–drugging me?  I think it made it kind of unreal, and that’s how I got through it, if that makes sense.

Mel:  Deacon, what is your biggest regret? 

Deacon–I try not to get too caught up in regret. I mean don’t get me wrong I have demons. What happened to Keith…that was fucked up. But I can’t really be blamed when it was Clancy who had the old man screw with my head in the first place. I’m not blaming her either. I don’t know. Keith died. Rachel picked Chad. It is what it is I guess I mean, shit, I should have died in a cage at seventeen. Everything after is a party.

Mel:  Awwww thanks Deacon. Maybe you will find your own girl someday.  Any prospects?

Deacon–I’m done with women. D.O.N.E done

Rebecca (interjecting): No he’s not.

Deacon:  Oh come on now what the fuck?

Rebecca:  You didn’t think you were finished were you?

Deacon:  I can’t even…

Mel:  Deacon, I think you should keep your options open. I know I speak for a lot of the ladies here. You are quite a catch.

Deacon:  Yeah we’ll see.

Mel:  Jason, if you could change something about your character what would it be? Why?

Jason:  I wish I could have made Rachel understand better about my wolf. I wish I could have told her the truth from the beginning. I wish she would have picked me. She’s my mate. End of stories.

Mel:  Jason, I appreciate your honesty. I can’t imagine how you felt going through what you did. Now that you are gone… between Chad and Deacon who would you choose for Rachel.

Jason:  Whichever one treats her better.

Mel:  Oh, you have to choose one… Come on we are all dying to know…..

Jason:  If I had to pick?  Chad.  He wasn’t in my face as much.

Mel:  Hahaha. Thanks Jason!!

Candy:  Jason, do you control your wolf or does the wolf control you? Like the time when you hit Rachel’s dad?

Andon (interjecting):  Every year Jason lived he would gain control of his wild wolf.  It becomes a co-existence.

Candy (grrrr):  Hello Andon – What was your problem with Rachel anyway? She would’ve been perfect for Jason!

Andon:  I think history proved me right. They were a disaster together.

Candy:  They were only a disaster because YOU interfered.  What were you wanting for Jason that he didn’t already have with Rachel?

Mel:  Go Candy!!

Andon:  A subservient wife.

Mel:   Smh.  Rachel, what do you think about Andon’s response?  Do you think you could have been a “subservient wife”?

Rachel:  I don’t know. I can’t say what I could or couldn’t have done, but I know I couldn’t take the constant battle with his Alpha.  Drove me nuts.

Chad:  Babe.  No way were you going to do what Jason wanted.  Just trust

Morgan:  CHAD I LOVE YOU!!!!  ☺  Haha

Candy:  Chad, you’re the best.   Yes Rachel! I love how you stand up for what you think is right! 

Rachel:  I think the fact that Jason and I broke up in before time matters.

Candy:  Kudos to you for dumping Jason in the before time. It shows how smart you were to see him for what he was.

Rachel:  Thanks! My parents taught me to respect myself.

Morgan:  Chad, what drew you to love Rachel when you were so young? Why did you wait? Did it make you jealous she was crushing on your brother but barely noticed you?

Mel (Sits back eagerly waiting Chad’s response):  Good one Morgan.

Chad:  When I saw Rachel for the first time, all sound stopped. It sounds stupid but there it is. I waited because I had every intention of being the last man standing. Was I jealous of Micah? Yes of course. I wanted to pound him.

Mel:  Rachel, I’m glad you chose Chad. Was there a moment when you knew he was it for you?

Rachel:  2 of them.  First time was the ice skating rink.  Second was when he lied for me.

Mel:  Micah, how did you feel seeing Chad and Rachel together?  Did you ever think that you wanted to be “the one”?

Candy (waving Team Lyons flag):  Hi Micah!  Why wasn’t Rachel “the one” for you? Was it because of Chad?

Micah:  They’re happy.  That’s cool.  I don’t go in for all that lovey-dovey stuff.  If a girl is down with having a good time I am too.  But I always knew Clancy was the kind of girl you commit to.  I stay far away.

Candy:  Jason, man, you had it good with Rachel and you had to go and ruin it.  I loved that you saved her from the apocalypse, but you chose your lying father over your mate! I can’t get over that because I was really rooting for you two to work it out.

Jason:  Ok, hold on.  I can see how from your human perspective that’s what I did, but a werewolf doesn’t turn on his Alpha.  It’s not a choice.  He told me to do something so I did.  I wasn’t ready to be Alpha, I couldn’t defy him.

Candy:  But you were dating a human girl, I think it would go both ways where you wouldn’t put wolf rules on humans when you don’t follow human ways.

I know this is a what if, but would you have defied your father once you were Alpha?

Jason:  If I was Alpha, that would mean my dad was dead.  So there’s not any defiance left to do.

Candy:  So he would’ve never stepped aside? Old age? Retirement?

Morgan:  Oooh interesting.

Candy:  It is interesting.

Jason:  No. He was Alpha ‘til he died.  Can a zebra change its stripes? I’m a werewolf.

My mother did what my father wanted and understood the pack way. Rachel would have figured it out if Deacon and the others had left her alone.

Candy:  But Jason, I will say you proved your love and devotion when you saved Rachel. It didn’t seem like you thought twice before you did it.

Jason:  I didn’t defy him. I didn’t ask for permission.  If he’d told me no…

Candy:  This is all very insightful.

Rachel, can you explain what it was about Jason that drew you to him then what made you realize he wasn’t the one for you, ultimately. Did you consider the before time and current times in your decision making?

Rachel:  When I first met Jason in both times, I was just so drawn to him. Boys had never paid attention to me and he was dreamy.  In Before, I couldn’t discount his odd behavior and in After he left me sitting on the ground…

Candy:  Yeah I felt you girl, that was devastating. Do you think it was his wolf pheromones manipulating you?

Rachel:  No…maybe…I don’t know

Candy:  Chad, what made you so confident that Rachel would be yours when you made your intentions known? Did you catch her checking you out? 

Chad:  She wasn’t checking me out back then.  I knew I would win because she was supposed to be my girl.  I just knew it.

Candy:  It was instinct from the before time, huh?  Did you all ever have any inkling of déjà vu? Or your gut telling you something, then later your memories told you it was true?

Chad:  Some things we brought with us.  In our hearts.   Even if we didn’t know.  I had déjà vu all the time.

Mel:  Rachel & Chad, now that you have beaten the “big bad wolf”, what’s next?

Chad:  Well we’re really just trying to live and love day by day as best we can.

Mel:  If Rachel was turned would you have been able to stake her? Do you support what she did to you? Ending your life?

Chad:  I hope I could be as brave. I do support her. 100%

Candy:  When you came looking for Rachel to stake you, what was going on in your mind?

Chad:  Those memories are vague; I don’t really have a solid memory of it.

Mel:  Tiffani, how did you feel about learning your life was being manipulated?  Having a child that must have been devastating knowing you may had a life outside the current one.

Tiffani:  My life before wasn’t so hot. My family died when I was very young. I was pretty introverted and alone.  I’m in the minority but I’m ok with what happened to me.  Grateful for my baby and the time I had with Keith.

Morgan:  To Ghost Keith, what was your last thought? What were you thinking about before you died, knowing Rachel was probably watching?

Keith: my thoughts were really about Tiffani and our son. I knew Rachel would be okay. She’s a survivor.

Candy:  Keith! I think I would’ve cloned you. We all miss you!

The cloning – that was the biggest surprise that I never expected from Icahn.  There was the smallest fraction of me that wanted to keep the machines so y’all could keep cloning your loved ones.

Mel:  Chad, how are you doing with being a clone?  Do you feel any different?

Chad:  I feel like me. If there’s any difference I don’t notice it.

Candy:  How were you all able to resist and destroy the cloning machines?

Rachel:  What choice did I have really? I had to stop him. He was just going to keep coming back and back again.

Candy:  So Icahn has been cloning himself…I wonder how many times, and if there are more of them out there?

Rebecca Royce:  I guess one way or another we’ll find out.

Candy:  Alright, thank you Rebecca Royce, Warriors, and Wolves for taking the time to answer our questions and help us connect with you and understand you. This conversation makes us love y’all even more!  And to my fellow interviewers, thank you for fangirling with me.

Rebecca Royce:  I love you guys! Thanks for having me–ah—us.

The Warrior Series


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